Mixed Use Residential & Retail

Basement car park with retail at ground and 3 floors residential above. This project was taken over at a late stage when the shell was nominally complete and all permits were in place. Substantial modifications were made to the completed works and to the design to ensure compliance with regulations and  bring the accommodation up to a good standard.

The inherited white with black trim colour scheme was continued in the interior but leavened with timber trims and a touch of brown in the grey carpet and the grey tiles to add some warmth.



Glen Huntly Master Plan

A master plan for the regeneration of the GlenHuntly village shopping Centre prepared with input from local residents for the GlenHuntly Progress Group.

Conscious of the desire for increased density in our city, this concept tries to retain convenience and comfort while allowing larger buildings.

Fitzroy Nursery

It's thirty years on and showing it's age, but still perfect for it's task. The shade structures were suitably interesting for Fitzroy and still create a startling quiet shady attraction on a busy street.

Retail doesn't always mean neon & glitter, the architecture should contribute to the image of the business when possible.

The shade structure is made of Grey Box sourced in Gippsland. A highly durable Australian Hardwood (as good as red gum) which grows tall and straight allowing us to source very long and large timbers direct from the sawmill.




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