Contracts and Documents are important!!

BORING!!!!!!! Or thats what people say who are at the beginning of a building project.

Later on, they often change their minds.

Most builders are very trustworthy and will do the right thing, but even the nicest guy will re-visit his priorities when he realises that he quoted too low and he's going to have to sell his house to complete your dream home. That's the point where he starts reading the contract and the specifications very carefully to see where he can save money. If you have agreed to his price on a handshake and a town planning drawing you are now in trouble. In that situation, only good thorough documents can save you, properly completed as part of the contract with the builder's signature on them,.

If, as has happened on a couple of projects I have seen recently, the contract is based on the Town Planning drawings, then forget Ceaserstone, you are going to get the cheapest laminex possible. Every other chance to save money will be taken and your dream home will quickly become a nightmare.

On the other hand, if the documents are complete and well prepared, then there are few corners for the builder to cut. He may still go broke, but the bits that do get built will be what you want. Your claims against insurance will also be for what you wanted rather than what lawyers will give you.

The lesson is that you should have a very thorough description of what you are buying, before you promise to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for it.


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